A dance programme is typically from 1pm to 5pm with 30 min afternoon tea or 7.30pm to midnight with 30 mins supper. 

Our social dances vary depending on the venue but here is a recent programme of dances as an example: 

Balmoral Blues - Gypsy Tap
Merrilyn Schottische - Red Rose Saunter - Twilight Waltz
Alpine Stroll - Mayfair Quickstep Emmerdale Waltz - Bambi Blues
Swing Waltz - Chicago Swing
Queen of Hearts Rumba - Cowboy Cha Cha - Fiesta Jive
Boston 2 Step - Heel and Toe Polka
Vanity Waltz - Georgella Blues
Excelsior Schottische - Festival Glide - Evening 3 Step
The Wanderer - Glengarry Swing
Lucille Waltz - Log Cabin
Jazz Waltz - Slow Foxtrot - Quickstep
Oxford Waltz - Oxford Samba
Militaire - Rock and Roll - Progressive
Barn Dance

Afternoon Tea

Gypsy Tap - Barclay Blues - Maxina
Rock'n'Roll Waltz - Sally Ann Cha Cha
Killarneyvale Waltz - Canberra 2 Step
Pride of Erin - Carousel Saunter
Charmaine Schottische - Parma Waltz
Rosalie Rumba - Rosalie Jive
St Bernard's Waltz - Tangoette
Dorothea Waltz - Canadian 3 Step - Tracie Leigh Waltz
Evening 3 Step - New Vogue Modern Waltz